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Linas Miežlaiškis Wins SGP Lithuania

After three racing days at Paluknys the winner of SGP Lithuania is Linas Miežlaiškis from Lithuania. He gained 15 points in all which is enough to secure his place in the SGP Finals at Pavullo in Ausust 2023. Linas said, 'The day the fastest and the weather conditions were the…
Linas Miežlaiškis Wins SGP Lithuania

Vilniaus Aeroklubas are very happy to be selected as one of the qualification events for 11th series of Saiplane Grand Prix.

This series gets more and more popular every year and we are not gonna lie Marius Pluscauskas participation in 10th series final encouraged us to make a bid for a qualification event.

Nevertheless, our main idea is to encourage sailplane grand prix format to the wider spectre of pilots. Recently old 15m gliders got very popular in the club class and it's really fun to fly with.

As seen in the other international events we feel we have what it takes to organize such event in high level and step forward as aeroclub to be recognized internationally.

We welcome all the pilots from different countries to join competition and compete in new "old 15m" class.
See you.
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